What We Offer

Hospitality is known to be a fiercely competitive industry.

It has always been hard to know where to turn for practical business advice; you want to grow, and get better in business however, finding time to network with peers and mentors can be difficult. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone in everyday struggles.

This is where we come in. We’re here to bring together a community of hospitality experts and problem solve together. Think of Profitable Hospitality as the rulebook to the industry – with over 15 years of experience, we’ve got your questions answered.

Everyone from finance experts to venue owners, HR professionals to restaurant designers, liquor licensing authorities and marketing gurus have dropped by to offer their wisdom and advice. As a result, we have grown a remarkable source of information from the real world of hospitality.

And each day we are producing new content, too. We specialise in education pieces on coffee, food, beverage and alcohol, and management; and are committed to continuously expanding our resource library to address the latest trends and industry news.

But what we understand better than most is the diverse range of people and businesses that form the Australian hospitality industry. We know that there are many different people looking for help in their hospitality journey – not just those starting out, but those who have worked in the industry for years, or even the ones looking to leave.

It is at the core of our philosophy that we are here to help everyone, no matter what business stage.

Our team are here to encourage and support you in the early concepting stages, and to educate and debate in the evaluation and research time before opening. We’ll provide the questions to ask before you commit, and the answers you’ll need as you start to prepare the venue.

After opening, we’ll continue your education with advice on upskilling or expanding. We look at innovative ways to keep your business feeling fresh and your profits on the rise. From venue design to staff training, we have the solutions to keep your business growing.

Profitable Hospitality is a problem solving platform for you to interact with, too. We offer services to offer you tailored advice on how to solve your problems or challenges. Whether you are experiencing a problem with staffing or have an issue with your coffee machine, we’ll have the answers you need, fast.

And yes, when the time comes to sell, we’ll have wise words on managing that, too. Exiting a business is one of the most crucial times as an owner, so we can guide you through the tricky questions – how much should you sell for? How do you inform your staff? How can you increase the value of your business before sale? From negotiation to preparation, we have expert advice on the end of your business as much as the start.

Whoever you are, we hear you. And we’re here to help.

Profitable Hospitality members have unlimited access to practical, real-life advice that cuts out the fluffy stuff and gets right down to business. Our articles are brief and packed with facts, because we know if there’s one thing you’re short on: it’s time!

We have revolutionised the way you can learn by tapping into a multitude of mediums: you can read our articles, listen to our podcasts, attend our events, or use our downloadable templates.

Welcome to Profitable Hospitality – we can’t wait to get started on making your business the best it can be.