Silver Chef Group

Profitable Hospitality and Silver Chef Group

Who is Silver Chef?

Like Profitable Hospitality, Silver Chef has been a mainstay in the world of food and beverage for many years. Established in 1986, Silver Chef has remained Australia’s only dedicated hospitality equipment funding solution.

Over the years, they have helped more than 30,000 Australian cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs turn their dreams into a reality.

The premise is simple: Silver Chef will source and fund any new or secondhand equipment you might need, and you enter into a 12 month rental agreement which allows you to upgrade your equipment or purchase it, at any time. If you want to work towards equipment ownership, take advantage of the Easy Own® product. Enjoy a 30% discount on weekly payments on a 36 month agreement or a 15% discount on your weekly payments on a 24 month agreement. Or you can continue to rent, purchase the equipment outright, or simply give it back with no further obligation. It’s called Rent-Try-Buy®.


How do the two businesses work together?

Specialist hospitality equipment funder Silver Chef has invested in online education platform Profitable Hospitality to offer a complete solution to the industry. Operators can now benefit from this unique funding solution, as well as expert advice and training tools catering to all stages of the business lifecycle. This move reflects the business’ commitment to helping people achieve their dreams.


Who else is involved in Silver Chef Group?

Silver Chef Group comprises three brands in Australia; Silver Chef, GoGetta, and Profitable Hospitality. Silver Chef also operates in New Zealand, as well as Canada. 

GoGetta’s Rent.Grow.Own® funding solution is a similar offering, but tailored for the heavy transport, construction, agricultural and automotive industries specialising in commercial equipment, machinery and vehicle funding. 

Alongside our business successes, Silver Chef Group has always strongly believed that there is more to business than profit and clever business solutions.

Our motto in business is to help people achieve their dreams.

Silver Chef is proud to support Opportunity International Australia where we have helped more than 750,000 people out of poverty to date, with the intent of reaching 1.5 million people by 2020.

The team at Silver Chef feel a special affinity to this organisation, most notably because just as we provide a unique model of equipment funding to help our customers succeed, Opportunity was one of the first not-for-profit organisations to recognise the benefits of providing small business loans as capital to those working their way out of poverty, beginning with loans as small as $70.

We are also a B Corp certified business, which means that we have made a lifelong commitment to being good and fair to our employees, the planet, community, and our customers.

Silver Chef Group proudly became B Corp certified in 2015 and since then we have continued our three-fold focus: the careers and development of our staff, the financing of equipment for small businesses and helping them realise their dreams, and micro-financing people out of poverty in third world countries.

Social responsibility is at the very core of what we do.


If you’re looking for tax deductible, flexible equipment funding for your business, check out Silver Chef’s funding solutions.