Because it’s not all long hours and bad pay.

The hospitality sector gets a bad rap. For those not working in the industry, it can appear from the outside to be little more than long hours, bad pay, and a constant struggle to keep customers happy.

But those who do work in the industry will tell a very different story: one of amazing team environments, excitement every single day, and the opportunity for growth and education.

If you’re considering a career in hospitality, but don’t know if it’s for you, we’ve put together ten reasons why you should give it a go.


1. It’s creative

From cooking great food to whipping up delicious cocktails, event planning a dinner for 60 or putting together a wine list; hospitality is a hugely creative industry. It requires imagination and flair, and someone with an eye for aesthetics and great taste.

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2. It will take you around the world

Hospitality is a universal industry. Every city in every town needs chefs, waiters, bartenders, wait staff, and all the other roles that exist within the world of hospitality. Consider your skills in hospitality to be your ticket to travel the world and live just about anywhere!

3. There’s always work

As long as people are eating out, drinking, and entertaining – there will be a bounty of jobs in hospitality. In Australia at present, there is a massive skills shortage in the hospitality industry, which means YOU are needed now more than ever.

4. It’s fun

There aren’t many jobs that exist in venues designed specifically for enjoyment, are there? Whether it is encouraging the diners to treat themselves to some decadent food or delicious wine, hospitality is all about creating a fun, happy, and exciting atmosphere for the customers. And the bonus is that you get to work in that, every day.

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5. You can choose your own path

Unlike traditional corporate jobs in which your career path is preordained and controlled by others, hospitality is open to whatever direction you choose to take. Don’t like working on the floor? Apply to transfer into a behind-the-scenes admin role – and if your venue refuses? You have the ability to move on to somewhere that will. Hospitality is a very fluid and easy industry to move around in.

6. You are able to learn new skills

It is in every hospitality venue owner’s best interest to keep their staff up to date on the latest skills in their trade. What does this mean for you? Free, high quality education that is transferable to wherever you work for the rest of your life.

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7. It’s a team environment

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an army to run a restaurant, bar, or club! The team environment of hospitality is one of it’s greatest attributes. If you’re working late or dealing with a crisis, you’re far from on your own.

8. There’s no 9 – 5

This is perhaps the greatest draw-card for hospitality workers – no fixed work day. Whilst the trade off might be early mornings or late finishes, it also frees up whole blocks of your day to create your own schedule.

9. Amazing perks

Delicious free food, access to top wines, creating amazing networks with your customers, and lifelong education? The hospitality industry has some pretty incredible perks that go hand-in-hand with the job. And they throw a Christmas party better than anyone.

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10. An industry built on loyalty

The teams that work together in hospitality are much closer than other industries. Honesty is vital – how else could you trust a whole group of people around thousands of dollars worth of liquor stock, cash, and food? – and therefore loyalty is the basis of the industry. If you do good by your employer, your employer will do good by you.


So there you go: ten good reasons to follow your dreams in the hospitality industry today! It is a fun, rewarding, and exciting career that will take you to many unexpected places. And, forever more, you’ll be in charge of ordering the wine.


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