Some will inspire, some will educate, and some will just make you really, really hungry.

Burgers, boutique beers, and braised beef tacos. Do you know what’s hot and what’s not?

Hospitality is an industry driven by trends and fads, and staying across the ‘next big thing’ can be stressful when also trying to juggle a busy hospitality business.

In years gone by, extensive research trips or expensive consultant fees would be necessary to keep your finger on the pulse. But in the age of social media, this is now all at your fingertips.

We’ve hunted down our top five social media accounts to keep you inspired – and maybe a little peckish! – in your own business growth.


FOOD: David Burke

Instagram: @chefdavidburke

Owner of the David Burke NYC restaurant line the winner of a James Beard Award , David Burke’s instagram account is total #foodspo. If you’re hunting down fresh new ideas for your venue’s menu, look no further.

We cannot get past the chocolate waffle cake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate cheerios, and toffee.

DESIGN: Nick Olsen

Instagram: @nickolsenstyle

Are you having a mental blank about what to do with the empty wall in your new dining room? Or can’t decide what look to for in the bar? Superstar stylist Nick Olsen has an Instagram account that’s heaving with inspiration.

Nick not only photographs his own work, but snippets of artwork, ornaments, colour palettes, and other curios that must just inspire your venue’s new look.


Twitter: @dimmi

The online booking giant has a Twitter account that is all things hospitality. Dimmi are constantly re-posting interesting articles about the hospitality industry from a variety of sources, from mainstream media to industry-specific publications.



One class act, the BBC Good Food online guide is a treasure trove of delicious classics and exciting new trends. Far from the ‘how far can we push it?’ American code of monster burgers and cronut milkshakes, the BBC Good Food account delivers original yet doable menu ideas that are perfect for the Aussie audience.

NEWS + ADVICE: Hospitality Magazine Australia

Twitter: @Hospitalityed

Everything you need from a business perspective. Hospitality Magazine has a strong focus on our local industry, meaning you will be the first to know anything that’s happening here in Australia.

Their tweets link you out to helpful information, industry experts, and business articles regarding hospitality finance, trends, and local events.


But the best way to negotiate your way around social media is to commit time to it every day. Not only is it a great way to communicate customers on an intimate level, it’s also a super strong networking tool to reach out to businesses, brands, or talents that you admire.

And you never know what you’ll find online – the opportunities to be inspired are endless.


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