It’s the headache that every business owner has accepted as a necessary evil: rostering.

A delicate balance between fair work delegation, abiding by state laws, and ensuring you keep your staff wages at a reasonable percentage of revenue, writing up and distributing your weekly rosters to staff can eat up hours of your work day.


The importance of a good roster

Rosters are responsible for smooth running of your venue. Too many new staff on the floor and the place is in shambles, unfair allocation of Sunday shifts and you create tension within your staff. Customer complaints will increase if you do not have experienced and senior staff on hand to manage trade, which will lead to further loss of business down the track. Illness will also result of overuse of your best staff, as they succumb to exhaustion. Productivity lies in the hands of your workforce, and your workforce is organised by the rostering system.

Staff wages are the biggest cost centre for a hospitality business (food and beverage costs is number two). Therefore, close management is obviously required as any small shifts in structure could mean the difference between 10% and 15% profit for your business for the month. We know staff rostering is painful. That’s why we’ve put together a Staff Roster Coster Calculator to help you manage this area of your business.

Flaws in your current system

There are many forgotten factors that are involved in generating a roster. As many busy venue owners or managers will testify, rosters tend to be created on a last minute basis and subject to lots of scribbled out changes and updates. Like it or not, there are always plenty of changes to be made based on individual circumstances which means that the focus is usually on simply making sure shifts can be filled.

What this means is overlooking the other details that really matter when it comes to a successful roster. These include:

  • Remembering public holidays and other celebrations that may affect trade
  • Balancing your roster budget with the right mix of staff
  • Incorporating pre-arranged leave for full time staff
  • Compliance with the General Retail and Fast Food Industry Awards

Reducing costs and maintaining the ‘big picture’

So, how does a great staff roster coster work to reduce your costs?

Using a great rostering system will also allow you to regularly check in on the ‘big picture’: are your wage costs increasing? Are there trends emerging that you need to stay abreast of? It is so crucial to keep up to date with your roster costs and maintaining them at a certain percentage of your overall budget. Without a proper system, these kind of calculations are extremely time consuming.

How you can get involved

As a Profitable Hospitality member, click here to access our downloadable Roster Coster Calculator.

This calculator download shows wage costs, percentages, and labour productivity, based on expected sales. By using this tool, managers can check the expected staffing costs to see if they meet budget before making staff rosters public. It comes in standard Excel format so you can make changes or add more information relevant to your business.

Rosters no longer have to be the time consuming headache they once were. Avoid inaccuracies and stay on top of your costs by downloading and using our simple Roster Coster Calculator tool.