From the delicious to the downright terrifying, we count down the weirdest food we’ve encountered lately.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?

Clearly not, for the imaginative folks who have dreamt up some of these weird food concepts.

Not for the faint hearted, these foods are all about pushing the boundaries of what we think we know when it comes to food: from swapping out sweet flavours, going mini (going mega!), or even inventing all new flavours altogether; the list below would make Heston Blumenthal Рand Willy Wonka Рvery proud.

Would you dare…?


Savoury ice-cream

From watermelon and fetta, to chilled tomato, to balsamic honeycomb; savoury flavours are slowly working their way into commercial ice cream brands.

Image credit: @jamjam_li


Part croissant, part donuts, these cult favourites have become one of the biggest trends of 2016. They are fluffy and light, and often come with a variety of wild flavourings, such as nutella syringes or chocolate bar toppings.

Image credit: @milsobession

Ramen burger

Imagine your favourite ramen dish repurposed into a burger shape, and you’ve pretty much nailed the ramen burger. The ‘bun’ is made out of lightly grilled ramen noodles, with the fillings ranging from glazed meat ‘patties’, to whole mushrooms, and even kimchi.

Image credit: @chewyorkfoodie

Charcoal buns

Charcoal buns are literally the new black! Kicking off at Burger King Japan, these intimidating looking burger buns. Whilst the charcoal doesn’t actually flavour the buns at all, the charcoal is a natural colour is perfectly safe to eat.

Image credit: @sabroso_bread


What’s a ‘phoritto’? A pho-stuffed burrito, of course! This super-healthy concoction stuffs all of the goodness of a bowl of pho – noodles, meat, veggies, and herbs – into a normal burrito wrapping for easy eating. Still managing a fine dribbling of the nutrient-rich broth, the phoritto is our favourite cross-culture monstrosity of the year.

Image credit: @issarae

Insane milkshakes

Imagine a milkshake, topped with a donut, topped with a chocolate bar, topped with chocolate sauce, topped with sprinkles. Seem excessive? You don’t even know the start of it. We highly recommend sharing one of these between at least three friends.

Image credit: @mishymishy86

Chocolate cheese

This local creation from ‘Curds + Whey’ in Melbourne, the wheel of ‘chocolate cheese’ is a tangy blue cheese infused with ribbons of chocolate sauce. “The blue itself is quite mild, and the liqueur adds the chocolate flavor without being sweet,” Curds & Whey’s owner, Anna Burley, said in an interview with Mashable magazine. Hmm…

Image credit: @curdswhey

Butter in coffee

We know what you’re thinking: WHY? Butter is now being touted as the healthier option to sugar or milk to add into your morning black coffee, apparently aiding with fat burning, whilst grass-fed butter has the right fats that regulate cholesterol.

Image credit: @the_happy_bod

Mini food

If you haven’t searching for ‘Hamster eating tiny burrito’ yet, then your life is not complete. Around the world, chefs and foodies are going crazy for creating tiny versions of our favourite foods to serve to…well, hamsters. And these aren’t just half-hearted replicas: the creators are going as far as to deep fry mini pieces of tofu and even using tweezers to wrap mini-burritos. Amazing.

Image credit: @myvirginkitchen


Whilst we’re not quite convinced on some of these options, one thing is for sure: as long as there is food, there will people hell-bent on doing something crazy with it.


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